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★★★★★ A 5-star Review from one of our clients

“Any attorney that has the nerve to go up against a judge to protect his clients best interest is the best best attorney ever.

Only attorney I know of to do that.

Judges are biased, some crooked, on the take it appears, etc. Most attorneys are AFRAID of judges. Not Sean McQuaid. He is a hero.”

~Kathleen E. | Google

This review talks about a difficult situation for me personally. While this judge was not crooked or on the take as the review mentions, I did have a concern that our history could influence his decisions. When I filed the motion to disqualify this judge, I knew the decision would not be popular. But, I decided that I needed to take the risk because my client needed to be protected. You see, I had an obligation to tell my client about my history with this judge. I had to tell him about the battles that the judge and I fought against each other when we were both lawyers and how I felt it had turned personal. I also had to tell my client about how I felt that the behavior had continued once he took the bench. If I had to do that for this client and every one in the future, it would not have been fair for me to continue to practice law in that courtroom. I could not in good conscious keep taking cases assigned to that judge, therefore I had to do something.  I know that I made the right decision even though it was not popular and made its way into the newspaper. I tried all that I could to keep it private, but my hand was forced.

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