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Premises Liability

Tag: Premises Liability

appellate court reversed the decision of the trial judge

Pinellas County Slip and Fall Lawsuit

In a recent appellate court decision, the dismissal of a Pinellas County slip and fall case was reversed and sent back to the trial court for further proceedings. This decision was a major victory for all citizens who have been

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accidents with injury at businesses

Accidents with Injury at Businesses

If you have been injured in an accident at a business, you may be entitled to compensation. Each case is different so your claim depends on the liability of the business and the extent of your injuries. If you have

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fall at a condo association

New Case Law on Fall at a Condo Association

Falls at condo associations are extremely common. The responsibility of condo associations to keep their common areas properly maintained is often neglected due to property management groups or volunteer boards who are stretched too thin. Fortunately, condo associations normally carry

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