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school zone accidents are all too common

Pinellas County School Zone Accidents

According to recently released statistics, approximately 25,000 children are injured in some manner nationwide in school zone accidents every year. The accidents occur from a combination of pedestrians being struck while walking or cycling as well as vehicle collisions. It is estimated that 100

what to do on the scene of a motorcycle accident

At the Scene of a Motorcycle Accident in Pinellas County, FL

We hope that you are not in a motorcycle accident, but the roads can be extremely dangerous in Pinellas County, Florida for motorcycles. Our high percentage of elderly drivers, tourists and visitors increase the likelihood that you will be in some type

to bike lane or not to bike lane

Should You Ride Your Bicycle in a Bike Lane or on a Sidewalk?

Florida permits bicycles to be ridden on both sidewalks or in bike lanes. However, bike accidents on sidewalks are the most common type of incident causing injuries to cyclists. These accidents are normally caused when a vehicle is exiting a

bicycling in st pete

It Can be Dangerous to Ride a Bike in Florida

If you ride a bicycle in Florida, you likely already know that the roadways are extremely dangerous. When a driver is impaired and DUI, the risk to cyclists is that much greater. Unfortunately, despite the increased use of Uber and

who pays medical bills in a bicycle accident

Who Pays For Medical Bills After A Bicycle Accident in Florida?

Even though the roads in Pinellas County, Florida have been increasingly made safer for cyclists, accidents with motor vehicles are still, unfortunately, a regular occurrence. Most bicycle accidents cause severe injuries and require emergency medical attention at a hospital. If

publix slip and fall video footage release

When Can I See the Video of My Accident at Publix?

If you are in Florida and have an accident at Publix, there will likely be a video of the incident. All Publix grocery stores have closed-circuit cameras for purposes of theft prevention and to record any type of injury incident. Many

could 2019 be the end of pip in florida

Will 2019 be the Year That Florida Eliminates PIP Insurance?

As of 2019, there are only 15 states remaining that require a form of car insurance called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Florida is one of them. For the past several years, the Florida legislature has addressed bill after bill

florida personal injury

How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida Works for You

There are thousands of personal injury lawyers in Florida with different styles and techniques, but they all generally perform the same tasks, albeit at different levels of service and competence. If you are out of state and looking for a personal injury in

car accident damage

How to Find a St. Pete Car Accident Lawyer Online

Using the internet to find a lawyer can be challenging for anyone, especially those who may not be experienced in legal searches or have not hired a lawyer before. There are ads everywhere, promises about what the lawyer can do,

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